More than 170 young people from the commune 1 changed their weapons for opportunities

Expanders of sectors such as Terrón Colorado, El Realengo and Puente Azul, among others, work hand in hand with the Municipal Administration to generate changes. [ITM image=”” video=”22720825″]

Surprisingly, Mayor Maurice Armitage saw hundreds of young people from Commune 1 in Cali waiting for him from 4:00 a.m. at the José Holguín Garcés Educational Institution to share with him before starting the conversation with the invited community leaders For visit number 104 of the strategy ‘The territories progress with you’.

None was a student on campus. They were the boys who sowed terror all along the hillside west of the city. They waited for him to know that they had left the legendary west behind and wanted to thank him in person for giving them the opportunity.

There were two eternal rivals who were looking for a new debt to repair an old debt, but who today are killed working in the Dagma to get their families along and so that the young people of the commune 1 do not follow in quarrels and Forgive the grudges of the past.

Like Jeisson Valencia and Schneider Gomez, 178 boys who formed gangs in Terrón Colorado, El Realengo, Villa del Mar, Blue Bridge, La variante and Aguacatal, agreed to surrender their weapons and now they meet in La Estatua to paint the walls, to plant Gardens, fix the tracks, play football and record everything in videos that pass as testimony of reconciliation, thanks to the project ‘Cinema to the neighborhood’, promoted by Mayor Maurice Armitage through the Secretariat of Citizen Participation, chaired by Armando Aristizábal and Project Territories of Inclusion and Opportunities (TIO), headed by Óscar Rojas Rentería.

The old ‘Meyxer’ is one of the great architects of this transformation. His first name is Jorge Montoya, although artistic and popularly known as Meyxer, the hard of reggaeton.

“The young people welcomed the proposal not to kill again because the mayor and his cabinet officials gave their full support, gave employment opportunities and touched the fiber of these human beings who were crying out for love and understanding,” says ‘Meyxer’ , While showing with pride the sports project ‘Cup for the peace of one, in the 1’.

He assures that the criminal wave is disappearing by three factors: the opportunity of employment, the confidence in the officials, and the will of the parties. This sum brought the young people to test with facts that they are capable.

Now the aim of these young re-marketers is laid on Claudia Araújo, a 31-year-old mother and five children to whom the vice has it in check. The child is two years old and the oldest is 10. And it is precisely the oldest that they have to channel.

Meyxer tells that the child has taken the modality of going to Don Luis’s store with a $ 2,000 bill to ask for a pound of rice and when the lord turns over, the boy takes what he can and runs off. He comes in panting to the house of the reggaetonero and says: “look what I stole from Don Luis. Say that I pay you by sweeping, mopping, fixing the barn or whatever, for my little brothers do not have anything to eat and all I have is this ticket for a lechita. ”

Don Luis and the artist share their soul and accede to the requests of the infant. And though he is strongly rebuked, he continues to do so. They forgive her because they know that with a drugged and unemployed mother, and with four little brothers adrift, destiny is hard.

For Armando Aristizábal, secretary of Territorial Development and Citizen Participation, such difficult situations are those that have to be improved in the city with the policy of inclusion and entrepreneurship that advances the Mayor of Cali. And just as security and coexistence have improved in the commune 1, it also tends to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the hillside.

“One thing was clear to those who attended the visit of the mayor and his cabinet: that Mayor Armitage and his government team are doing things well and that very soon they will see the results because the tranquility is felt,” said At the end of the day Jaime Zúñiga, President of the Communal Action Board of Terrón Colorado and Arturo Torres, president of the Local Administrator Board (JAL) of commune 1. ”

William López Arango

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