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 Can you get a loan without creditworthiness?

Can you get a loan without creditworthiness?




Creditworthiness is the consumer’s ability to settle a financial liability within the prescribed period. In other words, it determines whether it can afford to repay loan installments without compromising financial stability. In order to be able to estimate creditworthiness, several important factors are taken into account:

  • amount and source of income – the higher your earnings, of course, the greater our ability to return your commitment on time, in addition, the type of work and contract (job, work, order) is also important. In general, employment contracts are much more valued by lenders;


  • whether the client regulates other loans or credits – if so, whether the next payment will not be too much of a burden;


  • credit history – a positive credit history is the best showcase building a good credit rating, an entry in BIK or BIG usually results in the rejection of the credit application;


  • fixed fees – these are charges for rent, utilities, etc .;


  • possession of security – whether the borrower is the owner of the real estate or other property;


  • number of household members, education, age.


Credit without creditworthiness?

Credit without creditworthiness?

Institutions that provide financial commitments should act on the basis of the act on consumer credit. One of its points informs that the consumer who is applying for a loan or credit should show adequate creditworthiness.

Banks, of course, very closely analyze this parameter, as a result of which it is much harder to obtain the necessary funds.

Loan companies take a slightly less strict approach to this, but they still verify the ability of consumers to repay their receivables on time.

In general, loans without capacity are not available, although some private enterprises provide such solutions in exchange for a pledge, i.e. securing loan repayment.

However, these are often very risky operations. In turn, the loan for the statement offers many institutions. These are banking products, although they usually concern low amounts, as well as non-bank products (most loan companies).

The statement can be used for a correctly completed application for a loan or bank account statement. It does not change the fact that the creditworthiness is examined on the basis of information on employment and income in the registration form.


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