El Buziraco

It was the year of 1825 when suddenly, without explanation, something bad began to happen in Cali. The atmosphere was filled with a dense smell of sulfur, there was plague of smallpox, dengue, tabardillo and leprosy, a plague of locusts began to ravage the crops of the Cauca Valley; And the most mysterious, on rainy nights the giant figure of a bat appeared on the hill, around which a group of black men and women danced in the middle of the flames to the sound of African rhythms.

It was the demon known as El Buziraco, who had previously been expelled from Cerro de la Popa in Cartagena by an exorcist monk; It is said that with him came all the heretics and witches who had not been able to baptize St. Peter Claver.

It was decided then, to ask for help to Popayán, from where they sent Vicente and Juan Cuesta, two missionaries whose objective was to expel from the Sultana to El Buziraco. Arrived in Cali, both began to carry out a campaign of exorcisms that turned this earth into a dantesque picture of groans, pains and purges. As a complement, the missionaries placed on the hill three crosses of guadua in the year of 1837, with which the fury of this demon was appeased and was not heard from him in a good time.

However, in the year 1,876, Santiago de Cali was the victim of looting, fires and slaughter; Tells the legend that from the hill heard a hoarse voice that with excessive anger, cursed the city. Years later, in 1925, there was an unprecedented tremor in which several churches of the city collapsed and in which the three crosses of guadua collapsed, as if it were releasing between rattles El Buziraco.

And it was only on January 6, 1937 that Father Marco Tulio Collazos re-built the crosses, this time in ferroconcreto for more security. For the time, the Christians took by tradition to climb to the hill to make peregrinations, which infuriated to the Buziraco, that distributed between the faithful aguardiente and sluts. Everything ended in a macabre carnival of orgies, rapes, looting and raponeos, reason why the Archdiocese forbade the tradition.

However, they say that El Buziraco continues to make his own and that instead of being banished, the three crosses left him trapped here. It is also said that he laughs and enjoys every time the drums sound, the party starts and the orgies begin here in the city, under his malign supervision.