El Fantasma de Pichinde

By the road that leads to Yanaconas, about 19 km. Of Cali, is Pichindé, a small town in whose bosom inhabits the curse of an unfortunate history.

For the year 1689 a missionary friar arrived and built a church, where he placed the giant image of a virgin he had brought from Quito and whose eyes were really two beautiful emeralds of great value.

It is said that one day a handsome priest arrived who came to the town who used to talk a bit tangled and who easily gained the trust of the parishioners at the end of masses and sermons. However, within a few days of his arrival, the man was found dead in the church, crushed by the stone image of the virgin, whose eyes had disappeared.

When doing research in the Archdiocese of Cali it was corroborated that there was no father assigned to the parish of Pichindé. Since then a strange event takes place on the road, just at the time of prayer, in a place today called Peñasblancas; On the way the young priest appears, well dressed and wearing dark glasses, always asking the traveler for a ride. But at the moment of picking it up, people are terribly scared when they realize that the subject disappears immediately once it is picked up. It is rumored that in the middle of his despair, he tries to find who took the jewels that by law of thieves, belong to him.