Ancestral Churches

Church  La Ermita

This Gothic church is considered one of the most beloved symbols of the city. Its original construction dates back to 1678, when it was known as the Ermita de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad del Río.

In 1925 the Hermitage was destroyed by an earthquake. This was the reason for its reconstruction, which began in 1930 and ended in 1942, according to the plans drawn up by the architect Pablo Emilio Páez inspired by the Gothic style of the Cathedral of Cologne, Germany.

In its interior is the image of the Lord of the Reed, a work of the XVIII Century of unknown origin. Located on Avenida Colombia (Carrera 1 with Calle 13)


Chapel of San Antonio

San Antonio with its beautiful colonial chapel is one of the places where you can appreciate a beautiful panorama of Cali and that today is the meeting point of diverse exponents of multiple cultural expressions.

The Chapel of San Antonio was built in 1747 and is famous for its preservation as a colonial relic that still retains its altarpieces quinteños dating back more than 300 years. It is also recognized by the peculiar sound of its bells, cast in an alloy of gold, copper and bronze.


Temple of San Francisco

Built in the 19th century, between 1803 and 1827, this temple is one of the most representative of the city; Its decoration of the neoclassical style was given by the architect Maurice Ramelli in 1926. This important religious center has annex the Tower Mudejar and the Chapel of the Inmaculada and is located in the Street 10 with Carrera 6ª of the center of the city.


Metropolitan Cathedral of San Pedro

Located next to the traditional Plaza de Caicedo, the Metropolitan Cathedral imposes itself majestically in this sector of the city center. Its construction, which occurred between 1539 and 1841, had many stages attributed by some to the earthquakes that occurred at the time and by others to political problems; Is how the conclusion of the work occurred around the middle of the nineteenth century. Its decoration is an exquisite neoclassical style, the Sagrario of the Most High embossed in silver, its collection of religious art and its famous organ Walcker installed in 1928. It is located in Calle 11 # 5 – 33.


Chapel and Convent of La Merced

This religious temple is perhaps one of the oldest in the city. In its place of construction the first mass was celebrated in honor of the Foundation of Cali 25 of July of 1536. Its foundations were constructed of stones of river and earth, covered with compact mass of animal blood, lime and egg whites. Currently, it conserves much of its colonial architecture, which can be appreciated in its adobe walls. In this chapel are also paintings of the schools of Quito and the main altar in Baroque style. It is located in Carrera 3 # 6 – 40 of downtown.