La Dama Blanca

In the house that today is at the junction of the fourth race with street 12 lived for the year 1,789 the family of Ensign Real. There they are frightened. It is said that there are heard sad steps, you hear palms on the tables, you feel a constant opening and closing of doors and you see a lady dressed in white with majestic airs walking around the mansion, of which currently only ruins and memories.

From that time a melancholy story recalls pain full of pain. When Alferez, Manuel de Caycedo, his wife, Dona Francisca Cuero, and Caycedo and their children lived in the house, the small and beautiful Ines de Lara arrived home, a girl marked by fate to bear the burden of sadness on her shoulders. Inés de Lara had to see her mother die at the age of seven, and her father, eight years later, a victim of a disease that slowly consumed his life. Being the daughter of a close friend of the Lieutenant, she was entrusted to him to raise him and treat him as his own daughter, which was done while Don Manuel de Caycedo was alive.

Nevertheless Agnes grew sad and always pale as dying, possessed by a sepulchral silence. Many times they proposed marriage but never accepted. She never lived happily, and in that house she was staring at the balcony, staring at the disconsolate vastness. It is believed that he ended his days in the convent of the Carmelites of Popayan. And that, as sad as it lived, left still being young and beautiful, this world. They say that many years ago, some unscrupulous, looking for some kind of treasure, found the skeleton of a woman abandoned in the mansion already in ruins.

Today, they say that she appears in the corner of the mansion and walks head down and silent, dressed in immaculate white; Thus, she is known as the White Lady.