La Llorona de San Antonio

Sometimes the howls of the dogs become uncontrollable and the neighbors do not get to sleep in a good time. Through the steep streets of the San Antonio neighborhood a strange entity whose history is more a tragedy than a story of fright, walks from time to time crying without shame its eternal misery.

It was the year of 1593 when Alvaro Perez Llanos lived with his wife, Micaela, a wealthy and upper-class couple from the city. With them lived a beautiful young employee, gypsy and mestiza of exuberant beauty, called Margarita Hernandez and unfortunate protagonist of this story. Legend has it that Margarita met at a party with a handsome man, Don Salvador de Ribera, which led to an infatuation at first sight and a passion without control; All, with an aggravating circumstance, Don Salvador was married to Dona Ana Maldonado, who soon became aware of the slip. Before this, he sent a letter to the bishop in Spain, accusing the couple of adultery and Don Alvaro Perez of pimp. However, by fate of things, the letter came to the latter, who went into anger decided to take up the matter.

That night, he waited for the lover behind the door of his house, where, upon seeing him, he drew his sword to death; Don Salvador, however, defended himself with his foil and wounded the owner of the house, fled immediately. The uprising woke Micaela, the lady of the house, who, realizing the matter, struck the poor Margarita almost to death; Then accused her of harlot and forced him to leave on pain of being charged to justice for prostitution.

Margarita, drunk with grief, decided to commit suicide that same night behind closed doors, in her bedroom. Don Salvador, for his part, was accused of adultery and exiled.

The Perez family, trying to hide the misfortune, chose to throw the body of Margarita wrapped in a blanket to a muladar, instead of giving him a healthy burial.

Nights after the event, Don Álvaro Pérez felt some noise in the living room of his house. When he went to see what it was, he was attacked with fury by the ghost of Margaret, who accused him of having tried to rape her before. The event was repeated for many more nights, at the end of which the man ended up bruised, asleep in his own bed.

It is said that today, Marguerite walks the streets of San Antonio weeping her sorrow through a lament and keening, while the dogs howl disconsolately.