La Madre de Agua

Within the peasant beliefs is to have as a rule that everything in which nature put more life, that which by its exuberance, beauty or style contained mystery; Wonders given by creation to human beings, immensities of a thing that runs with magnificent impetus, as forming a strange force similar to that which directs the destiny of humanity; There must be some superhuman power or force that plays a protective role.

Contrary to the conception that we can have about the ugliness and evil of the mythological characters, this is the story of a very beautiful girl with golden hair and flashing, almost white; His eyes are gray, clear as two drops of water from the purest spring. But in the fire of their eyes there is hypnotism, a force of attraction that is impossible to resist; The only defect in s angelic figure is that it has the characteristic of having the turned turned back, so leaves the traces in the opposite direction to the one that follows.

It pursues only the children, on whom it exerts a pernicious influence. It can be said that there are children born with that “lisión”, predisposed to the persecution of the Mother of Water, and from babies are attracted and molested by her. The persecuted child always talks about a cute girl who calls him, dreams about her, wakes up frightened and lives always predisposed to be alone, attracted by something strange. When they take him to the edge of the water he looks restless, he thinks he sees very beautiful flowers floating on the surface; He jumps over what he thinks he sees in the water and insists that he has to leave, for a child calls him with his white hands; Gives him fever and diarrhea and the commotion sickens him perniciously, and often dies, outside others, that by a slight neglect is lost or drowned, kidnapped by the Mother of Water.

In popular culture it was stated that in order to rid a child of this evil force, it is necessary to pray it, to take it to the priest so that it may bless him to hang scapulars, medals, jetties or Indian beads from his neck; Rub it with garlic, * whip * or herbs like rue and basil. It is also necessary to offer it in presentation to the Blessed Animas and try not to take it to the edge of the waters, at least as it grows and is no longer persecuted by the evil spirit.