La Mano del Negro

There were not a few Indians who, for the year 1,559, died because of the mistreatment they received when carrying cargo from Cali to Buenaventura. It was then that he fixed his eyes on the blacks and slavery took force in our land.

For that reason many men of color had to flee and became road assaulters, which forced the state to impose as punishment for them, the amputation of the penis. Legend has it that at that time he came to the hacienda of Don Alberto Bujalance, an encomendero owner of many lands, a black rebel named Crecencio, who immediately fell in love with the beautiful black Juana, the lady of company and maid of Dona Carmen de The Ronda, wife of Don Alberto.

They say that his commotion was such that his reactionary temper gave way within him to a benevolent and obedient man.

Dona Carmen, who soon became the benefactor and accomplice of both, soon became aware of a terrible truth: in the middle of an informal chat the black Juana confessed to her mistress that she had married Crecencio on the altar Of Piedra Grande in the Valley of the Lili, the then sanctuary of the come of Africa. But he also told her that they both heard a deep and deep voice that invited them to go to the Farallones. Dona Carmen immediately remembered that it was there where the devil met with his witches to dance. Then he made a determination: he decided to betray the lovers.

That meant the death for Crecencio, who escaped with Juana quickly. But in a short time they were arrested in Vijes. When he took them to Don Alberto, he struck Juana almost to death, before which Crecencio freed himself from his bonds and broke his jaw to his former employer.

As punishment, Crecencio cut off his hand and, in passing, the penis, while Juana was thrown into the mountain where it was devoured in a state of pregnancy by the beasts. Soon Crecencio also appeared dead. His body, without a holy burial, was thrown into the dunghill.

It was when he began to appear in what today is the Hill of the Cross, a black without a hand that dragged chains and whose stump fell blood without stopping; In their wake the animals go crazy. Thus, prey of the terror, the people did nail a holy cross in the place to cross the siege.

Some say that everything calmed down for a while but others claim that the black is still around the site.