Joaquín Caycedo y Cuero

This bronze was erected in honor to the memory of the Calician heroine Joaquín de Caycedo and Cuero, martyr of the independence. It was inaugurated in 1813 and is part of the traditional sites for the people of old. 

It is located in the Plaza de Caicedo, one of the symbols of the city that until 1913 was known as Plaza de la Constitución and which is the center of growth and development of the city of Cali.


Simón Bolívar

The statue of Simón Bolívar is a tribute to the Liberator of our country.

The monument remains on Paseo Bolivar, specifically on Calle 12 between Puente Ortiz and Avenida Colombia, next to the Plaza del CAM where you can stay forever.


La Aviación Colombiana

The ‘Aguila’, so some call this monument located in Carrera 38 with Calle 4D in the traditional Santa Isabel neighborhood located in and south of Cali.

Although it passes almost unnoticed among the passers-by, this statue is the Colombian Aviation Monument, which was put in this place towards 19xx as a tribute to those who surround the skies of the country.


La Cruz

Legend has it that in the Loma de la Mano Negra, now known as Loma de la Cruz, because the people of the time claimed that at night an executed slave took his hand from his grave.

The presumed apparitions motivated the people of the time to place the Monument to the Cross.


La Cuadrilla Romana       


This monument was the first artistic work placed in a Public Building of the City; Is located on Avenida Colombia at the height of the sector known as The Obelisk.

At first it was in a house located in Carrera Cuarta between Calles 16 and 17, but was transferred by the Society of Public Improvements to the site that it occupies at the moment.


El Perro

The Parque del Corazón, better known as El Parque del Perro, is the setting for the homage to this beautiful animal.

This monument is located in Carrera 34 between streets 3 and 3A West of the San Fernando neighborhood.