Cristo Rey

At the top of Los Cristales Hill is Cristo Rey, a statue of 26 meters high that stands majestically facing the city. Like the Cerro de las Tres Cruces, it is one of the most representative viewpoints; From it can be seen Cali almost in its totality. [ITM image=”http://laguiadecali.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/image1.jpg” video=”22720825″]

Built in 1953 the Statue of Christ the King is a tribute to the Company of Jesus to peace and a symbol of protection for the people of Cali.


Cerro de las Tres Cruces  

Visible from anywhere in Cali, Cerro de las Tres Cruces is perhaps one of the most representative places in the capital of Vallecaucana. This is located in the western mountains and from there it is possible to appreciate the city in all its dimension.

Today they are a symbol of protection and a tourist attraction, especially during Holy Week, when the traditional pilgrimages of the faithful are lived.


Sebastián de Belalcázar

This monument, located in the La Arboleda neighborhood, is the bronze representation of the conqueror who gave life to Cali in the year 1536.

It is a symbol of the city and offers a wide viewpoint from where it is possible to appreciate all the majesty of the Sultana del Valle. Its beauty adds to the tranquility and the gentle breeze that make it a necessary step for own and strangers.


Jorge Isaacs y su obra `La María´      

Located on Paseo Bolivar a few meters from the CAM, this monument preserves the memory of Jorge Isaacs, representative of the Vallecaucano author, and one of his most recognized works: `La María’.

The piece is made up of the writer’s bust at the top and the representation of a scene in which the protagonists are presented: ‘Ephraim and Mary’ at the bottom.

La Solidaridad   

The monument to Solidarity is precisely a representation of which union is the force.

This beautiful piece, sculpted in bronze by the master Hector Lombana, is located to the north of the city, specifically in the Tercera Norte Avenue with Calle 34. Its composition is a homage to the force and thrust that characterize the Vallecaucano people.

El Gato del Río 

Located on the left bank of the Rio Cali at the height of the El Peñon neighborhood, is this majestic sculpture cast in bronze that was the first to be inaugurated as part of the beautification of Rio.

The piece was elaborated by the master Hernando Tejada and was delivered to the city on July 3, 1996.


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